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Aussie Open 2013

andy-murray_2461521bI wonder if we'll ever know what happened between Andy & Roger when Andy was serving for the match at 6-5 in the 4th set? Did Roger say something? From Andy's reaction it certainly looked like it.

Anyway, there was NO WAY Andy was ever going to lose that 5th set, he is SO fit now !



Andy Murray CLOBBERS Roger Federer

I'll NEVER tire of watching Andy Murray CLOBBER Roger Federer to win Olympic GOLD medal at Wimbledon, London 2012.

Andy Murray Defeats Federer To Win The Gold

Andy Murray Defeats federer to win the gold for great britian. A huge upset.

Andy Murray- Going for GOLD


Andy Murray is taking confidence from his near miss at Wimbledon and the progress he has made under coach Ivan Lendl since the pair linked up at the end of last year.

Murray wrote in his BBC column: "I have played well this year. If I can take the positives and combine them with the lessons we'll learn from Sunday, I'm extremely confident I'll do well at the Olympics, the US Open and beyond.

"Another plus has been the contribution of Ivan Lendl since taking over as my coach in January. He is a massive help, especially when it comes to keeping cool, dealing with high-pressure situations and managing tough moments during important matches.

"He's made a big difference in the way I prepare for the majors, which is something I felt I needed or was maybe missing. Things are going in the right direction, but there's much more to come.


"Hopefully we'll start to see that when I come back to Wimbledon for the Olympics. Sunday was painful, but the prospect of attempting to win a gold medal is already spurring me on."

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Andy Retains Shanghai Masters Crown

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World Number 3


Second seed Andy Murray won his third ATP World Tour title in three weeks in Asia as he retained his Shanghai Rolex Masters crown with a 7-5, 6-4 victory over third seed David Ferrer on Sunday.

Victory will see the 24-year-old Murray overtake Roger Federer at World No. 3 in the South African Airways 2011 ATP Rankings. It will be the first time since 7 July, 2003, when he won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, that Federer has ranked outside the Top 3.

"My goal for the last three-four months after the US Open was to try to finish as high as possible and win as many matches as I could," said Murray. "It's obviously been a great start. But I'm still not guaranteed to finish at No. 3. I'm still going to have to win some more matches. But if you finish in front of Federer in a year, then there's not many people the last five, six, seven years that have been able to say that. So that's obviously a nice thing if I can do it."

Murray has now won 25 of his past 26 matches. The Scot came into Shanghai on the back of title runs at the PTT Thailand Open in Bangkok (d. Young) and the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships in Tokyo (d. Nadal), and prior to a semi-final loss at the US Open (l. to Nadal) had triumphed at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati (d. Djokovic).

Andy Murray Rare Japan Double

October 10, 2011, 3:25 pm

Andy Murray Completes Rare Double in Tokyo

Andy Murray playing Rafael Nadal in Tokyo.Lintao Zhang/Getty ImagesAndy Murray playing Rafael Nadal in Tokyo.

Andy Murray became the first player in 2011 to win both the singles and doubles titles at an A.T.P. tournament, taking the singles title on his own and pairing with his older brother Jamie to win the doubles at the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships in Tokyo.

Murray, the current No. 4 in the A.T.P. rankings clinched the singles title first, breaking open an initially close contest with top-seed Rafael Nadal to eventually cruise to a 3-6, 6-2, 6-0 victory. After an arduous first two sets that were far more bruising than their scores would suggest, Murray blitzed defending champion Nadal in the third, losing only four points en route to a surprising bagel. Nadal, who entered 2010 with a career 43-13 record in finals, is only 3-7 in them in 2011.

Shortly after his singles win, Murray took the court again at Ariake Coliseum with older brother Jamie in tow, and defeated the pair of Frantisek Cermak and Filip Polasek 6-1, 6-4.

The last player to sweep the singles and doubles at an A.T.P. tournament was Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela, who pulled off the feat last year at a smaller event in Bucharest.

With the singles game constantly becoming more physically taxing, fewer and fewer top singles players dedicate any effort to doubles. Two decades ago in 1991, the singles-doubles sweep of a tournament was achieved eight times. The players who finished 1991 in the top ten of the A.T.P. rankings combined to win a total of seven doubles titles that year. Of the current top ten, Murray is only the second to win a doubles title in 2011 (Nadal paired with friend Marc Lopez to win in Doha this January).

Jamie, the elder of the two Murray brothers by 15 months, should be especially grateful for his brother’s relative dedication to doubles. The win in Tokyo brought Jamie’s doubles ranking to a career-high of No. 23, a feat that would have almost certainly been impossible without his brother’s assistance. Though Jamie has only played eight of his last 29 tournaments with his brother, he has earned 1,630 of his total 2,610 ranking points in those eight events. The proportion is especially surprising since those eight tournaments do not include any of the four more lucrative Grand Slam events.

Though his career prize money of $652,853 is more than $17 million short of Andy’s $17,875,016, Jamie Murray does have one honor that has eluded his brother–a Grand Slam title. Jamie partnered with Jelena Jankovic (then-ranked No. 3 in singles in the W.T.A.) to win the mixed doubles crown at Wimbledon in 2007. While he might not have quite the same talents as his brother, Jamie at least seems to have a knack for picking partners.

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Warch ATP Tennis OnlineI travel a LOT and I'm very often away from home when the big ATP matches are shown on TV. As I'm a FANATICAL Andy Murray fan, obviously I d't want to MISS ANY of his matchesso the solution I've found is to  sign up to watch ATP tennis live online


It's relatively inexpensive, starting from Euro 14.99, I chose the annual option so I rarely miss out on Andy's matches.

Could Rafa Really Have Choked At Wimbledon?

Rafael Nadal, the number two-ranked player in the world, is known for his mental toughness on the men’s tennis circuit. He’s won countless tournaments on his aggressive style of play and mental toughness including the 2011 French Open. But last week, Djokovic defeated Nadal 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3 in the 2011 Wimbledon final. Did Nadal choke in the championship match against Novak Djokovic? Was Nadal’s confidence hurting because he lost four previous matches to Djokovic? In today’s article, I’ll explain why Nadal may have choked during the final match at Wimbledon and what I think constitutes choking in sports.

According to Nadal himself, his confidence took a hit from the previous loses he suffered to Djokovic. Nadal stated that confidence is key especially when he was playing the important points of the match. “I started the final match without thinking [about the previous loses to Novak]. But when you arrive to 5-4 in the set, these [critical] moments, it probably affects you a little bit. That’s what happened, and that’s why,” Nadal explained after losing.

I think the previous wins became a mental advantage for Djokovic, which helped him to win the Championship in four sets. Novak said that winning the previous matches gave him more confidence to win the critical points or play well during the tough moments in the match. In addition, Novak used mental imagery to recall when he performed well against Nadal in previous matches and why. “Probably, you know, because I have won four times, consecutive times, in the finals against him this year. So I had that in the back of my mind. I was trying to take myself back to those matches and really perform the same way that I performed those days in those matches: aggressive, taking my chances, not giving him opportunity to take over the control,” said Djokovic after winning Wimbledon

Andy Murray Wins Queens for the 2nd Time!

Andy Murray beats Jo Wilfred Tsonga of France to win Queen's for the 2nd time!

What a match it was! As andy said, "Jo was playing a different sport" to Andy for the first 2 sets, all credit ot Andy for hanging in there and grinding out the win!

Andy Murray: WHAT a mover!

Not the best of photos because I took it from my TV, but it just shows a prime example of how well Andy is moving these days!
This is also taken from my TV, just afetr Roddick made his remark to Andy after he SMASHED one of Roddick's serves back to him anear the end of the match!

" Keep it Social  Andy!"

Andy Murray This is Your TimeIt's no secret amongst those who know me, that I'm a HUGE Andy Murray fan!

I've supported him since he first burst on the tennis scene after winning the Junior US Open.

One of the most admirable things about Andy Murray is that he's his own man, he makes his OWN decisions.

Rightly so, this final of the Australian Open which he thoroughly deserves to win, will mark the FIRST of his Grand Slam victories.

What I dislike about the press of this country is that they knock people when they are down and do their best to destroy the confidence and belief of anyone who is their target for the moment.

SO, Andy, today, this is for YOU and your FAMILY, your fans will support you whatever happens.


This is YOUR time!

Mum’s The Word ! Judy Murray

Judy Murray was there in the front row for her son as he advanced to the Australian Open semifinals on Wednesday, just as she was there at the beginning when Andy Murray’s tennis matches were often played against his older brother in the living room of the family home in Dunblane, Scotland.

“When it was winter, he and Jamie would line up all their little trophies and things across the middle of the living room, and that would be their net,” Judy Murray said in an interview at Melbourne Park.

“A sponge ball isn’t going to hurt anything. I didn’t mind.” Judy Murray also did not mind because she was a tennis nut herself, a determined woman from a sporting family who fell for the game despite the inconvenience of being from Scotland, a place of famous libations and infamous weather where tennis was far down the list of priorities and outdoor hardcourts are, to this day, nearly as rare as palm trees.

Andy Murray Expecting Life to Get Tougher

Andy Murray WINS at Australian Open 2011Andy Murray may have made unimpeded progress at the Australian Open so far, but from now on he knows it's going to get tough.

The world number five beat Ukrainian Illya Marchenko on Thursday to follow up a first-round victory over Karol Beck which saw the Slovakian retire in the third set when staring defeat in the face. But he is anticipating a more difficult test next in the shape of 32nd seed Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.

"He's playing very well right now, the last seven or eight months," Murray said of the Spaniard. "His ranking has got a bit higher and he's getting seeded in slams."

Garcia-Lopez's best win to date came in Bangkok in October, when he saved 24 of 26 break points on his way to a three-set semi-final win over world number one Rafael Nadal.

Murray added: "He beat Rafa at the end of last year in Bangkok, that was a big win there. He's a very solid player, he does everything well and he's improved his game on hard courts so it's going to be a tough match."

Murray is, at least, looking forward to facing a different type of player after the all-out attack tactics employed by Marchenko and Beck.

"If you play against a guy who goes for his shots you can't dictate all the points," he said. "But, in the next round, I think I'll get a chance to do that and make him do a bit more running."

However, Garcia-Lopez, who beat Eduardo Schwank 6-4 7-6 (10/8) 6-1 in the second round to match his best run at a grand slam, warned Murray that he will "give him nothing".

The 27-year-old from Albacete said: "It will be a difficult game, he is an opponent who in theory is better than me and so I will have fewer options.

"But I will give him nothing, he will have to beat me."

Swiss Indoors Basel and Valencia Open 500

Tension is rising as the fight for the final places for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals continues.’s first stop is the Swiss Indoors Basel on the 1st November 2010 followed by the Valencia Open 500 from the 4th November 2010.

Watch Tennis Live Online

Will Last year’s champion, Novak Djokovic defend his title successfully or will Roger Federer, previously a three time winner, claim back his hometown title? Could Tomas Berdych and Andy Roddick, both looking to qualify for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, make their mark?

In Valencia, Andy Murray defends his title against a stellar cast of players including David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco and Mikhail Youzhny all looking to qualify for the year end event as well.

Andy Murray Wins 6th Masters Title

Andy Murray wins 6th Masters TitleAndy had a great tournament at the ATP Masters in Shanghai.

I was very impressed with the way he kept his focus throughout the tournament and the improvement in his second serve was great to see.

I thought Federer's remarks in his speech were very classy and deserving of such a great champion.

"I had a good tournament," reflected Federer. "I thought I played well this week. Had some great wins against [Robin] Soderling, [John] Isner, [Andreas] Seppi, also [Novak] Djokovic. I'm very happy with where my game is at. Today could have been better. But, look, Andy was the best player of the tournament so he deserved it."

Andy Murray is Scottish and so if he wins Wimbledan, then to me it's Scotland who have won the Competition. But for some strange reason the English are acting like they will be winning the tournament, when in fact he is from Scotland.

Does anyone else think that Andy Murray will soon reach the highest heights in men's tennis? I believe it's only a matter of time before he wins his first Grandslam. So when do you think this will happen, and at which Slam does he have the best chance to win?

Well Andy Murray is Scottish but he is playing as a Great Britain player. So what will happen to his national anthem when he wins.

I have just been watching Andy Murray play tennis vs Roger Federer on the television.

Every time Murray is up to serve, he is passed 3 balls, he holds those balls in his hands - looks at them and then drops one and hits it back to the ball boy.

Why is this?
--I was just wondering if there was anything more than superstition to it.

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